Our Services

We know very well what are the essentials that we should focus on in the steel business.

Market Research and Trading

By our detailed marketing research activities, we are analyzing the requirements of our clients and helping them to find the right material for their needs. We play a pivotal role in delivering the materials of our diverse supplier portfolio to the right buyers and users. In this way, we are leading the way to increase the trade volume under suitable conditions both on the supplier and buyer side.

Logistics Support

By using the most appropriate technological tools and equipment, we take an active role among the other companies which take place in entire buying and selling services for tradable materials’ safely, quickly and efficiently loading, insuring, storing, customs clearing, transferring and distribution activities.

Financial Services

We are in a customer and solution-oriented cooperation with leading banks and reputable financial institutions that are experts in their fields. We provide various suggestions for our customers and suppliers with flexible, alternative and secure financing tools, and help them to minimize their financial risks professionally, allowing the development of commercial transactions.

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